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ReGen 2:20 - 2019 is a wrap


Ron Yoder


Praise & Worship

Ryan Sutter & Band





Eric Miller

Eric Miller

Understanding Your Calling

I'm a believer, now what? Where does God want me? What does He want me to do? We want to take a closer look at God's attributes and characteristics and dive deeper into understanding His calling for your life.

Dean Lengacher

Dean Lengacher

Accountability in Identity

Knowing your identity in Christ is a huge truth we should recognize. It helps us live out our lives in Christ. Accountability is also important to you and those you love. We will be discovering who we are and how God sees us.

Tim Weaver

Tim Weaver

Why Purity

This will not be your typical "don't do this, don't do that" purity talk. We want to talk about why we do certain things, and also why we don't do certain things. we will try to offer some hope in a redemptive value to the struggles we face in our lives.


Josh Swartzentruber

Prayer Priorities

In my workshop, we will be talking about the importance of prayer. God wants to hear from us but it seems our daily schedules take away from that special time. We are gonna look at how to pray, and why we pray. We will also spend some time in prayer.

Rob Ryan

Rob Ryan

Decisions That Matter

Making life decisions that point you towards God, can be frustrating. You even may want to give up. Wait, there is hope!  God, our Father will stick with us and help with those hard choices. Are you ready to give Him total control?

Greg Knepp

Greg Knepp

Am I Really a Child of God

Being a "child of God!" Have we lost the wonder of that phrase? Do we know what we were and who we are now? Do we know all it means to the claim "I am a child of God?" We are Gentiles saved by the Goodness and Grace of the Most High! We are like the child who always gets picked last because of our lack of abilities but now have been given the title of Royalty, a Child of the King of Kings!


Terry Pickett

Identity, Qualities and Authenticity

Identity: Do you know who you are? Who does God say you are?
Qualities: What kind of gifts have you been given by God?
Authenticity: Are you being real with the people around you? . . . your church? . . . . and your family? 
These three are huge to believe as he walks out his Christian life.



Saturday Night Concert

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